• P-SJ-A Reading Laureate Program

    The PSJA Library Department has announced its Accelerated Reader incentive program. Reading degrees can be earned based on the student

    Accelerated Reader word count.

    The program is named the "YOU" of Reading.

    Deadline to earn degrees: Friday, April 20, 2018.

    Reading Degrees

    1st Grade

    PSJA A.R. High School Diploma-100,000 Word Count & 85% Avg.

    2nd Grade

    PSJA A.R. Associates Degree-250,000 Word Count & 85% Avg.


    3rd Grade

    PSJA A.R. Bachelor's Degree-500,000 Word Count & 85% Avg.


    4th Grade & 5th Grade

    PSJA A.R. Master's Degree-1,000,000 Word Count & 90% Avg.

    PSJA A.R. Doctorate's Degree-2,000,000 Word Count & 90% Avg.