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    Nursing Career Pathway Program

    The PSJA ISD’s Nursing Career Pathway Program is a two and a half year dual enrollment high school program designed for sophomores in partnership with South Texas College (STC). Starting in Spring 2015, current PSJA ISD sophomores will have the opportunity to enroll and obtain an Associate Degree in Nursing through college coursework and Nursing-related activities as they prepare to enter the workforce and pursue higher education in Nursing.

    Through the PSJA ISD Nursing Career Pathway Program, students completing the program will earn their Associates Degree in Nursing before the end of their senior year in high school. After the students simultaneously graduate from high school and STC, they will be prepared to enter the workforce as a Registered Nurse and matriculate into a four-year university to continue their Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing. Students will go through the program as part of a cohort group with other students from the district. This is a free program. All classes and books are at no cost to the students or parents.

    Students will be exposed to social, academic and personal need workshops that will take place throughout the duration of the program. The PSJA ISD Nursing Career Pathway Program will also provide enrolled students with services in tutoring, individual college advisement, college planning and transition support services, university campus tours, internship opportunities and networking with professionals in the medical field through presentations. The program will have an assigned PSJA ISD staff member that will assist with monitoring the program, assess the student’s academic performance and facilitate all support services and workshops for students and parents.



    –Designed to encourage students into Nursing Fields

    –Earn an Associate Degree in Nursing

    –Complete degree during senior of high school (Pending CAPSTONE)



    –Two and a half year dual enrollment program

    –Student apply the fall semester of their 10th grade

    –First year in implementation


    Nursing Labor Statistics

    –Median Pay: $65,470 per year/ $31.48 per hour*

    –Work Environment: Hospitals, Physicians’ offices, home healthcare, nursing care, correctional facilities, schools, serve in the military

    –Job Outlook: 19% growth from 2012-2022: 526,800

    *US Dept. of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012


    Student Commitment

    -Maintain good grades (3.0)

    -Daily class attendance and in a timely manner

    -Be prepared for each class meeting

    -Abide by all STC policies

    -Attend all program curricular activities/meetings

    -Exhibit appropriate behavior, respect and participation in class and among peers


    Parent Commitment

    -Attend parent meetings when necessary

    -Promote student participation in the program

    -Help and support student to study and maintain good grades

    -Become involved in student’s schoolwork

    -Maintain a connection link with College Readiness staff

    -Recognize that education is a lifelong process

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