Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District (PSJA ISD) has rapidly become a state and national leader in creating more academic opportunities for all students. As a tri-city public school district offering a pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum, PSJA caters to a 32,000-student body and is focused on graduating all students College Ready, College Connected and College Complete.

    PSJA ISD has been a model for dropout prevention strategies and working to connect all students to college. With a High School Completion Rate of almost 97 percent, PSJA ISD is leading the region, state and nation in the percent of students graduating from High School.

    PSJA also has a very successful Early College program, with eight high schools designated as Early College and approximately 3,000 High School students enrolled in college courses this fall through dual and concurrent enrollment programs.

    Legislators, education agencies and public/private entities have highlighted PSJA ISD’s most successful programs such as the Dual Language Program, Early College Initiative and Dropout Recovery Program for effectively closing the gap to post-secondary education. 

    At PSJA ISD all students can: Earn College Credit, Graduate Bilingual and Biliterate, Be Part of Athletic Excellence and Renowned Fine Arts Programs.

    It is the district’s mission to provide comprehensive, quality instructional programs that help connect every student to college and/or the career of their choice. PSJA ISD has a deep commitment to create college opportunities for all with innovative, pragmatic approaches to achieving systemic reform.

    The district’s College3 initiative (All Students: College Ready, College Connected and College CompleteTM), reflects the district’s educational philosophy and goals of scaling up a network of Early College High Schools, concurrent and dual enrollment, and college and career connected pathways so every single student has the opportunity to earn at least 12 college hours by high school graduation, with many earning more – up to an Associate Degree.


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