• College Transition Program                                                                                                                                                      Aware that many of our graduates are first-generation college students, the College Transition Program is designed to help students transition successfully from high school to college and aims to ensure that all of our students are provided with the necessary information and assistance needed to reach their post-secondary goals. Through the program, College Transition Specialists work closely with PSJA high school seniors and their Financial Aid Officers in high school to ensure that they have completed all of their necessary tasks such as applying to college, completing their financial aid applications and ensuring that they are cleared for awarding.  Once in college, the Specialists are able to provide additional support to better ensure their persistence and completion of their degrees.  

     Our Impact                                                                                                                                                                                 The College Transition Program shares vital information to students to help them prepare for college and inform them of many college and financial aid opportunities. Besides keeping students informed, College Transition Specialists also cover the importance of following timelines and meeting deadlines in order to be best prepared. Another unique and vital component of the College Transition Program is the continuous support that Specialists provide through frequent contact, mentorship and outreach.  Through these efforts, Specialists are able to identify areas of need that our students may have and contact them to provide guidance and helpful information that will allow them to make more responsible decisions and take timely action when necessary.