The PSJA Parent Spotlight program features parents whose commitment, passion and dedication has motivated them to continue their education by participating in the Parental Engagement Program (PEP).

    The program provides an opportunity to recognize parents of PSJA ISD students whose determination to succeed and improve their lives serve as inspiration and encouragement for their children and other parents in the PSJA community. Parents selected will be featured in the following outlets: district’s website, social media platforms and KTRI Channel 17.

    Parent participants must be nominated by parent educators/instructors or program administrators on the basis of their participation, achievements and development in the program.

    To be considered, nominees must meet the following criteria:

    •  Be parents of at least one current PSJA student;
    •  Must be currently participating in the Parental Engagement Program (PEP);
    •  Must have been a participant of the Parental Engagement Program for at least one year prior to nomination;
    •  Must demonstrate outstanding leadership and commitment to continue their education.