• Our Mission

    It is the duty of the Office of Public Relations to assist in the development of all projects dealing with internal and external communications within the school district.

    The PR office communicates student and campus achievements to the community at-large with the use of press releases to the media, publications, updates to district website, social media outlets and public education access channel.

    Our goal is to interpret public attitudes and shape public interests for the betterment and support of various programs and activities within the school district.

    News Outlets

    The following news outlets are used to feature PSJA ISD news and events:

    * PSJA ISD Website (www.psjaisd.us)
    * K-TRI Channel 17 - broadcasted to PSJA area residents and through YouTube
    * PSJA Updates and News (mass e-mail to all employees)
    * Schools in the News (published in The Advance Journal)
    * Local newspapers, TV, and radio stations


  • Public Relations Office
    P: 956-354-2027
    F: 956-354-3011