• Welcome to the Office of Student Services!

    It is the responsibility of the Office of Student Services to assist all students in acquiring the necessary skills, attitudes, values and experiences that will motivate them to make responsible decisions, seek opportunities for growth and learning, and to be connected to higher education for success. Simultaneously, we will collaborate with all of our district schools in finding the best educational setting for our students to promote the necessary attributes needed for continued educational growth and post-secondary and career success.

    Office of Student Services

    Student Services Department                                          (956) 354-2008
    Orlando Noyola, Assistant Superintendent                               orlando.noyola@psjaisd.us  
    Ruben Borrego, Director
    Mary Cantu, Secretary

    Pupil Accounting and Social Services Department            (956) 354-2028
    Laura Campos, Director                                                          laura.campos@psjaisd.us

    Araceli Serna, District Liaison
    Laura Farias, District Liaison
    Olga Flores, District Liaison
    Rachel Escobar, Community Liaison for Elementary Schools
    Estela Rangel, Secretary

    Olga Villarreal, Clerk

    Dalia Orozco, Receptionist

    Health Services Department                                                (956) 354-2016
    Sulema Flores, RN, Director                                                      sulema.flores@psjaisd.us

    Edgar Garcia, RN, Supervisor

    Nora Rivera, Secretary

    Safe Schools Initiative                                                          (956) 354-2082
    Miguel Dominguez, Director                                                       miguel.dominguez@psjaisd.us
    Norma Hampton, Clerk
    Library Services Department                                                (956) 354-2041
    Nora Galvan, Director                                                                nora.galvan@psjaisd.us
    Melissa Jimenez, Secretary