• Textbook Department Home
    The Textbook Department works closely with the State ( TEA )on placing orders to
    Ensure that teachers and students have textbooks available for the school year.
    •     Book orders are placed based on student enrollment
    •     Receive and Distribute to all Teachers and Students
    •     Maintain Inventory and records of textbooks for every campus
    •     Form Textbook committee for new book adoption
    •     Communicate effectively with book publishing companies
    •     Open communication with Pricincipals to supply staff and students with books
    Textbook Department Staff

    Mario Cervantes, 
    Jack Reyes, 
    Juan Serna 

    302 S. Gumwood Pharr, Texas, 78577
    Phone: (956)354-2165
    Fax: (956)783-3348